Southeast Journalism Conference 2017

By Taylor Dudley

The University of Mississippi (Oxford, MS) hosted the Southeast Journalism Conference February 2017. As a member of the Album 88 News Team, I and a few other members traveled to Mississippi to take part in on-site competitions and informative media-oriented workshops. Upon arrival, we settled in to our cozy hotel and prepared for the exciting few days ahead of us.

I participated in the Public Relations competition, hosted the next day. When the conference began, check-in was chaotic, but things started to calm once the ball got rolling. A few other students and I tackled the PR competition that morning. However, in retrospect, I realize that our PR campaign was ridiculously unrealistic, and our flaw was placing the importance of creativity over the importance of practicality. (We didn't win. Womp. Womp.)

The day was filled with workshops like, "Getting a TV Job", "Writing About Race in Fiction and Non-fiction", "Authentic Engagement Through Photojournalism", and "A Day in the Life of A Multimedia Sports Journalist". The convention catered to all of Georgia State's Student Media organizations. 

At the Awards ceremony, Georgia State won pretty much... everything. Literally. We placed in almost every category. We were ranked the #1 Championship Team! I had a bunch of fun, and cannot wait for next year! 


Exploring campus


PR COMPetition