Social Media Following Tools: Speaker falls flat, but link list prevails

By Nicole Motahari

If you should ever desire to be attacked with information, look no further than Andy Denhart’s “Free Tools to Increase Your Social Media Following (And be more effective”) panel. What I expected to be an informative, in depth account of certain social media tools and tactics was not as effective as I hoped it would be. Instead, attendees were firehosed with information, peppered with really bad dad jokes.

The 90’s-esque powerpoint did have solid information, but the method of presentation could have easily been transferred via a worksheet, with website names, links and descriptions. It would have been significantly better had the presenter chosen to focus instead on a select few resources and gone more in depth with the uses and how each resource would help develop and maintain followers and interest. Furthermore, his ironic (or unironic) reference to Google as “The Google” did nothing to redeem him in my eyes. Especially as his panel was followed directly by Dale Hansen’s riveting keynote address, the presentation Denhart gaved came off as didactic and lackluster. I’m including the list of his websites below, so future attendees can choose to skip the panel and examine the websites instead. My suggestions- make the worksheets and drink some more coffee Denhart- we know you can do better.

List of Links: