Creative Typography in the Editorial Process - Derek Witucki, University of Houston

By: Khoa Tran

The room was packed. This panel was really familiar for me, because I’m a graphic design student and I should know about typography. What he covered was really basic, but the panel really made me think about the used of type in our newspaper. He went over how to express the word with type. “Strategic use of typography says more than typed words.” He talked about editorial design should set a restriction on number of change in type like italic, bold, changing typeface,…With a restriction to go by, there will be a consistent contrast between headline, subhead, and body copy. Designer can arrange contrast and hierarchy through scale and length. He also stated the important of infographic. It is where we can show data with number and type. It is easy to catch attention by laying out a clean and straightforward infos to the readers. He also showed a few type of pull out quote with type. After this panel at the convention, I will set a limit on typeface usage for The Signal newspaper. And make the small list of type that we can use throughout next semester.