Making it in New York - Rachel Rosenfelt, The New School for Social Research

By: Khoa Tran

It wasn’t surprised to see a full panel for “Making it in New York.” She covered the steps to get to New York that I already expected. She said that there are 200 newspapers, 350 consumer magazines, and 25000 people work in book-publishing. She concluded to make it to New York journalism industry, we need to be “Be in New York!” Here are the steps. 

Step 1: Getting there

  • Graduate school
  • Apply for work or transfer
  • Hop on an airplane and see what happens

Step 2: Find work

  • Land a job in the industry
  • Freelance
  • Find unrelated job and focus on your practice
  • Open your mind to what working in media means

Step 3: Find your cohort

  • Network with your peers
  • Find time to work with friends who inspire you
  • Make things and put them out into the world

Step 4: Cultivate your practice

  • Just do it
  • Read what everyone else is publishing
  • Challenge yourself to grow
  • The big secret

Your advantages:

  • Everyone wants to discover new tenet
  • Lateral movement through the industry at the entry level stage
  • NY is a social city for the young
  • Genuine passion and talent is rare; it won’t be missed