How to Tell an Award-Winning Sports Story

By: David Schiele

Vinnie Vinzetta gave us aspiring sports reporters an in-depth look at what it takes to have strong sports story.

Firstly, he told us that some of the best stories can be found by listening, asking questions, and reading game notes. Establishing relationships with players and coaches can also give you good stories.

Vinnie showed a couple of his best packages. One was about different trails in San Antonio, while the other was a Halloween-themed package about a high school football team that had a stingy defense.

He told us that sports are entertaining, so the package should have some entertainment value to it. Unless a player, coach, or owner is in a scandal, the package should be fun. He also urged us to use natural sound in our packages to allow the viewer to feel like they are in the setting.

Vinnie gave great tidbit about interviewing for the story: it’s not bad to go back and ask a couple more questions for a feature story. Sometimes you get wrapped up in the conversation with a subject and forget to ask a few questions. There is nothing wrong with asking the interview subject to sit back down so you can get those crucial answers that’ll complete your story.

This session was amazing. I want my packages to have the same feel and tone that Vinnie’s carried. After the session, I exchanged contact info with him so he could help me in my effort to have better sports stories.