Day 1 - San Antonio


My alarm buzzes beside me, I turn over-- annoyed. Another 4 am alarm. I sit up to start my normal morning routine for school, only to look down at my alarm labeled, "TRIP TO SAN ANTONIO." Suddenly, I wasn't tired or annoyed-- I was going on VACATION! I mean, a school-funded educational conference. Ha. After running around the house and across town, I arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Check-in and TSA was a breeze, and before I knew it, I was sitting in the back of a crowded plane on the way to CBI. 

A layover and a few podcasts later, we touched down in San Antonio. It was humid and hot-- I  instantly regretted the load of sweaters, hoodies, and blazers I packed for the weekend. I was skeptical about the Uber, because I wasn't aware of how people work in Texas, but the Uber drivers there are just like Uber drivers everywhere... talkative. But unlike Atlanta drivers, he didn't ramble on about his personal-life or engage in road rage, instead he told us about the coolest places to visit in San Antonio-- the Alamo, the Tower of the Americas, and the River Walk. 

Upon arrival to our hotel room, I fell into a deep sleep. Unfortunately. I slept with the air-conditioning on and would suffer from a severe cold for the remainder of the trip.