SATURDAY, OCT. 27 / Libel, Libel, Libel

By: Ada Wood

The second day of the CMA Fall 2018 National Convention began, and I started off with a panel on a topic I love reporting on: the environment and climate change. 

Dr. Edward Maibach introduced the material from Climate Matters in the Newsroom which can be found online at The media library includes a function where journalist can search by their city and see the effects of climate change in the local community.

After this panel I went to the Grand Hall where I sat down for a resume review, which gave me some great feedback onto how to improve my resume. I visited the engagement center and the silent auction while I was there as well.

I sat in for a few more panels including writing with voice, data reporting, the reliability gap and also for the ACP Pacemaker Awards Ceremony.

However, my favorite panel of the entire convention was “Editor-in-Grief 1: Rule with an Iron Fist, Wear a Velvet Glove.” The speaker was Michael Koretzky, from, on how to be a leader and how it applies to journalism. Koretzky’s section was crazy. He wore an all red suit with “LIBEL” written all over it, wore sunglasses inside, had a whip and tossed cigars into the crowd for participating viewers. He was loud, crazy and started the presentation with the communist national anthem.

But most of all, he was smart, really smart. For the midnight snack, I ended up sitting down with him and some of the girls who work with him and at the event. We talked for hours until 2 a.m. about how to improve my writing and The Signal style. I was so thankful for this time together as a group and I feel more motivated now than ever to make a change.