Engaging Your Audience Beyond the Story

By: Khoa Tran

It was nice meeting Hannah Owens, a person behind the digital media of Harding University. She went over 3 simple social strategy: content creation, engagement, and analytic. “People want to be heard,” she said. People love to express their themselves and they want to be heard, so a successful content usually related to what audience care about and they will trust your brand. Next is engagement. Reposting audience posts can lead for more conversation and give more exposure to your brand. Responding to the audience tweet or reposting a photo from student will make them feel great, make them feel engaged. Third tip is using analytics. Using analytics data is very important to measure result on the social media. Social media marketers using the data to create a better experiences for their audience, what is working and what is not. 

The panel was short, because there was no slide presentation, so we ended up with a group discussion with other students from other university. She led the conversation over Snapchat after and how they already made the usename for the school, but it doesn’t  spread to the public yet. Not a lot of school newspaper in the room have Snapchat. She asked people in the school what do they think about Snapchat for Harding University, and a lot of people didn’t like the idea. 

One school newspaper asked a question on how to get more audience to their website instead of their social media only. Hannah and other schools gave some tips on having a good tease and a link to attach to the post on Facebook for example, so the audience can click straight to the website. 

Overall, The Signal should already know these tips. I think we did a good job over the past weeks on some campus breaking news using all the tips she gave in the panel.