2018 Design Trends

By: Khoa Tran

Even though I have no experience on yearbook, it was nice meeting student leader at Harding University, Kaleb, editor-in-chief and Carlie, creative director of Petit Jean yearbook. The panel was about the 2018 trends in graphic design. The top trends are gradient, duotone, depth, and art & photography combination.

For every yearbook, they have to come up with different look for the yearbook to keep it fresh. Coming up with buzz words is the first step for them to find inspiration. Then they collect them to create a moodboard. After coming up with design, they create a style guide for their yearbook. Style guide is important to keep the consistency and cohesion across the book.

I wish there was more example of their yearbook layout. The panel was more like an overview of the editor-in-chief favorite trends. The whole session was more of Kaleb talking, I wish Carlie talked more about the process and workflow at Petit Jean yearbook. 

Overall, it was a friendly panel. I wish there was more, like a professional who work in the industry would be better than student talking to student.