Telling Micah's Story

Telling Micah’s Story.

This was the panel I was most excited to attend.

My major is Film & Media, so I knew this panel would be most beneficial for me.

It was- to say the least- very reassuring.

I am always afraid to make mistakes in my short films.

The speakers at the panel, Dr. Ginger Blackstone and Dr. Lou Butterfield spoke about the mistakes they made in the movie and what they wished they would have done differently. For example, one scene in Missing Micah filmed at the prison needed more light shinning on the main subject. Hearing the producer and executive-producer say themselves they would lhave done something differently showed me that people already well established in the film business make mistakes. This gave me reassurance that I am allowed to make mistakes as well.

This also taught me that film production is really complicated- so complicated that there are different people to focus on just one thing. Of course you have the writers, producers, actors, assistants, etc- each with one specific job to do. Yet this does not mean that no mistakes will not happen- mistakes are bound to happen. 

This panel at SEJC was my favorite, it involved both journalism and film. I am excited to see what types of panels will be at the 2019 SECJ.

Julian Pineda