The Importance of Yearbook

To be honest, going into this panel, I wasn't sure what I would get out of it. The only reason I went is because it was only one of the only panels that seemed to focus on design. I was pleasantly surprised by the bubbly personality of the speaker, Michelle Pugh, and the useful tips and trick she discussed.

A lot of the stuff she talked about wasn't just specific to yearbook. Everything she mentioned related to design, the advantages to working on a school publication, and how to keep a printed publication relevant in a digital age. 

This being my first SEJC, I wasn't exactly sure what panels would be like. Having this be the first panel of the conference, it set a tone that made me eager and excited to see what else the event had to offer. It reassured me that there's helpful information in any panel, even if its not something you're particularly interested in. I went into this panel thinking I would learn about how to layout portraits and what school event to photograph but left with a head full of new ideas and inspiration, and knowledge on how to make any publication withstand the test of time.

Devin Phillips