SXSW 2018 Austin: "From Bronx to Billions"

       By: Thomas Palmer

       As urban music director at Album 88, I must find and be well-versed in the newest hip-hop from across the globe, but also I must be knowledgeable regarding the roots of the art form.  “From Bronx To Billions” was an in-depth discussion detailing the history of hip-hop from individuals that have lived and breathed the culture since its inception. This informative panel included pioneering MC Busy Bee, Rocky Bucano of the Universal Hip-Hop Museum, and inventor of the scratch, Grand Wizard Theodore.

       To use my platform to mold the future of hip-hop I must truly understand it’s origins. This panel helped by increasing my knowledge of this culture through real conversation. The topic that truly stuck with me the most is the significance of the “Pillars of Hip-Hop”. There are five pillars in total that encompass the spirit of the genre. These pillars include the MC, DJ, graffiti artist, B-Boy (dancer), and knowledge spread by each. As urban music director, I must advocate for and share each aspect of hip-hop culture. This panel inspired me to continue to pass along knowledge diligently, and share hip-hop artist through whatever platform I have available.