SXSW 2018 Austin: Lyor Cohen's Keynote Speech

       By: Thomas Palmer

       On WRAS’ second day of South by South West, I decided to listen to the festival’s keynote speaker Lyor Cohen! The current global head of YouTube Music began as Run-DMC's road manager evolving into one of the music industries greatest minds and talent cultivators. As Lyor gave the conference a synopsis of the significant moments throughout his life, I picked up many gems that I can directly apply to my life like being “a part of the beat”, how to keep pushing, and the importance of adapting.

       Lyor began his speech by emphasizing the importance of music in his life as a child, and his quest to become a part of the beat. This journey took him to places he thought he would never go and was in some cases ill-equipped to go, but with each opportunity and each new obstacle, Lyor found a way to adapt and remain ahead of the curve. His recent strides at 300 entertainment and YouTube are exemplary examples of this. Lyor is also always finding ways to promote the importance of artist development in the streaming age.  

       I’m grateful for having the opportunity to soak up knowledge from one of the greatest business minds of our time. Hearing his life story has inspired me to “keep pushing”, and make a way to overcome obstacles.