SXSW 2018 Austin: "Transitioning from College Radio Into The Music Industry"

       By: Thomas Palmer

       During the final day of South by South West, I attended a panel entitled “Transitioning from College Radio into The Music Industry.” This panel of college alumni included Jess Caragliano of Terrorbird Media, Justin Barney of 88Nine Radio, Jessi Whitten of CPR’s Open Air, and Tyler Freese of Co-Sign. This panel was quickly my favorite talk of the conference because of the panelist’s humorous and insightful discussion. In addition, I made invaluable connections with radio management from other universities. 

       The primary lesson I drew from this panel is the significance of networking and maintaining connections. All the panelist emphasized that gaining an industry connection is useless when not properly nurtured and developed. Each person spoke of ways in which individuals along their collegiate course helped them post-graduation. This discussion made me evaluate the relationship between myself and the rest of our Album 88 team while considering things I can do better; in addition to positive traits, I can continue to exhibit. 

       Also upon leaving I had the honor to meet the general manager of WUOG, University of Georgia’s radio station, Emily. The purpose of the conference portion of SXSW is to obtain information while making connections. This panel was that and more!