SXSW 2018: "Extending your Reach in College Radio"

In this panel we learned about how to position our radio station to reach a broader audience. The panel discussed different promotional tools and ideas to extend our reach. Using other platforms, like internet radio or podcasting, is a great way to extend our reach beyond just Georgia State. There are apps that are free and can be used to be heard online 24/7 and in the case of Album 88 between the hours of 5am-7pm. A couple of apps in particular are Tune in (that we currently use) and Spotify. They mentioned using Spotify to make our interviews and playlists accessible because the audience may want to hear the interview or listen to a specific specialty show again. They also mention to craft messages that will connect, meaning to find ways to connect with our students by using visuals. Posting staffer of the day or pictures of our DJ’s in the booth makes a personal connection with the audience.