SXSW 2018: "For Us By Us: Marketing for the Global Majority"

In this panel, two women describe how to market to Black women. In the panel they project that by 2021 the spending power of Black Women will be $1.5 Trillion, yet in the past year companies and organizations have struggled to create inclusive and culturally appropriate marketing strategies. Throughout the panel they discuss that many of the terms we use were created by white men and do not appropriately describe Black Women or People of Color. They believe that People of Color are the Global Majority and should not be called a “Minority.” In the panel they mention that the companies need to be mindful and intentional when marketing to Black Women.  Also there needs to be more diversity on these marketing campaigns and boards. They brought up the recent H&M debacle as an example of needing to be Black Women in these spaces when they are trying to market to Black Women and People of Color alike.