SXSW 2018: "If You didn’t Share it, Did it Happen?"

I am a Marketing major and wanted to take advantage of a few of the Marketing panels that were offered. In this panel I learned how to get your audience to share your social media pages and repost your businesses content. One way is to make things shareable and easy for them to post. To do this you need to create gifs, be helpful, and make them wish they were there. Through Gifs and posing in front of big objects (the Eifel tower), you make yourself stand out from the others.  Being helpful and posting quick links also makes your consumers want to share your content, for example, posting locations for polling stations, makes it so that they won’t have to search around. Another way to make things shareable is to create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), for example, saying the phrase “limited time only.” Being relevant to small audiences is another way because the more niche the audience the more excited they are to get involved with your business or cause. Lastly, doing the opposite of what is expected can cause your business or cause to be shareable or go viral.