SXSW 2018: Digital Witness: Embracing the Digital Age at College Radio

I was recently announced as the 2018-2019 GM of WRAS Album 88, so I figured that I should start getting ideas and learn from other college stations and their alumni. The one thing that I did know going into my new GM-ship is that I wanted to increase our online presence. Not only with your run of the mill Facebook (which every one of our shows on the station has), and not just Instagram or Snapchat, but that we should be focused on our web site. One of the panellists confirmed my feelings about the need for constant activity on our website by making it a note that all mainstream radio stations control and constantly update their websites. An example of how a college station has made the most of their website is KCRW, from the campus of Santa Monica College in California.  

KCRW was able to stay relevant with the help of their website. We must start utilizing our website like mainstream radio stations to have a chance of not being left behind. I took the liberty of taking a look at not only KCRW's website, but I decided to look a bit closer to home and found SCAD Radio's website. Both have interviews, podcasts, and weekly blogs and some do a "Track of the day" or Digital Download. The panellists also discussed RadioK 70's "K Singles Club" on Spotify, and how they release a preview of what will appear on their station or what they have been loving.  

Both ways, Digital Downloads and having a WRAS version loosely based on "K Singles Club", are ways that Album 88 can stay relevant and stay connected with our listeners and engage with them more. And by making and updating our website regularly can help to increase our audience engagement.