SXSW 2018: Music Law Boot Camp

I decided to go to this panel on a whim. I figured, "Hey, I'm dealing with future musicians, DJ, and recordable owners. I might even want to go to law school and take up Entertainment law. Why not?" There is so much to learn about the music industry, and even more to know about on the music law side, particularly copyrights.  

The way that the panel broke down the "bundle of rights" or copyrights is that there are four main rights. The first being the right to reproduce. This covers CDs, downloads, and streaming. The next is the right to distribute, which covers the selling, giving away, and the lending of a product. Then the right to adapt (sampling and remixing) and lastly the right to perform the work. In countries outside of the US, this is called "neighbouring rights".  

They went more in depth with the different areas of copyright such as records, publishing, touring, and merch. During this time, they mentioned that copyrights didn’t exist until 1972 because of the boom of cassette tapes.  

All in all, this panel gave me a tiny taste of what is to come in my potential law school future. I learned that there are a lot of little things that I need to familiarize myself with before going to law school. This panel was a good intro for anyone who feels that they want to work in the music industry, whether as an artist, manager or a songwriter.