SXSW 2018: Podcasting on the Rise

Younger people what podcasts ready to go and like the convince of having the content in the palm of their hands (cell phones) as opposed to the old way of having podcasts, having to download it and to put it on to your iPod mini. When the spike in the purchasing of headphones made it the largest selling electronic item, people took notice.  

With streaming up 30% every year, and podcast up 41% over last year, this is the time to jump on the podcast wagon. Podcast radio reaches 9 of 10 Americans, which is more than Facebook reaches daily. The reason why these numbers seem (and are) so high is because of our multitasking nature. Listening to audio is something that we can do while we do other things. Also, the new binging culture that has been fostered by Netflix and YouTube, makes people want to binge content, including podcasts.  

By listening to the numbers and realizing the fact that we are a binging culture, its easy to see that podcasts are the next huge thing. Podcast are a thing that we should be utilizing at WRAS and will be working toward it very soon.