CMMW 2018: Guide for the Videographer

Written by Julian Pineda

As videographers, our job is to capture events and stories around us that depict and affect our community. Often times we are faced with the issue of increasing our viewership whether for an article, social media post, or video. But how are we supposed to share these videos we make for the community, without demonstrating we are desperate for an increase in viewership? The most important and effective way to obtain viewership is through the power of social media.

Although this seems simple enough, many journalist make the mistake of just using one or two types of social media, when they should be using all of them. In the Digital Journalism track at the 2018 College Mega Media Workshop, journalists learned the key factor is to post on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and a few others, almost daily. How does one expect to gain viewership over night, if no one is communicating to the audience where they could find the videos and what they are about. Again this is plain and simple, yet many of us do not take advantage of this feature. 

Social media is a tool that allows many of us to connect with one another around the world, it should be used by all journalist. Our posts on these websites or apps can easily be shared by some, which leads to more viewership and followers. One way to fully use social media is post daily on all of these apps. Post new stories and breaking updates on Twitter and Facebook, use Youtube to post your videos, while Snapchat and Instagram should be used to promote local events, news, or promote the newspaper itself. Posting on various types of social medias, at various times throughout the day will likely increase the exposure of videos. 

Another key way to gain viewership, is to post quick snippets on these social media posts, in order to allow the reader to know what the video is about- don't tell them, show them!

Use social media to engage with the community, don't just post once a week, they will forget about you. Remind them who you are and what you are doing for the community. 

Furthermore, using each type of social media for a certain purpose is important. Most of us use Snapchat for creative posts and to connect with close ones, use Snapchat to make creatitive posts and promote fun events and videos. While if people use Twitter to find news, use Twitter for that purpose. However, do not just use Snapchat to have fun or Twitter for news only post, use all social medias in all aspects. This means all apps should be used to increase news videos, sports videos, etc. If this means you have different accounts on each social medias that are connected with one another, so be it.

The more diverse your social media pages are, the more diverse your viewership will be. You want this type of viewership on your videos, it means your page is successfully telling all the stories of the whole community, not just some of them.