CMMW 2018: Storytelling and Reporting

At the College Mulit-Media Workshop, I learned so many valuable lessons. As I begin my transition into my new role as the news director of GSTV. I had the opportunity to come together with other students, that were in the same boat as I am. The best part of the workshop was when we were able to watch a veteran reporters' work. His work showed me that there are so many different ways to storytelling and that your writing really counts! I was able to use this method during my project. During my project, I wandered around campus and tried to find many different story ideas by asking students, and finding flyers around campus. 

I finally found a story by wandering into the school's art museum. I noticed that the university was implementing a new exhibit in their art museum. The exhibit features instructors and dancers as they educated the guests about what it means to be and feel like a fetus. I thought that the concept was really intriguing and I was able to gather some b-roll, interviews, and additional information in turn it into a quick package within an hour. 

My work can be found at the following link below.

I would definetely attend the conference again because not only did I learn, but we were also able to bridge the gap between the different media organizations on campus.