SEJC 2019 Onsite Competition Luncheon

At noon on Saturday, Feb. 16, our crew gathered together at the Middle Tennesee State ballroom to celebrate the past few days of competing hard and learning new techniques to take home. This luncheon would be the end to our efforts at SEJC 2019 – but not the end of our fun, we’d be heading to Nashville to explore the city before the day was over.

However, it wouldn’t be a Georgia State student media gathering if we didn’t find a way to spice up the award ceremony before it begun. We crowded around a table – all 16 students and our advisor – even though it only fit a maximum of 13 seats. Why spread out to a separate table when we can share seats and knock into each other as we dine on lasagna, salad and garlic bread?

Our little family was right at home as the award announcements began. We faced some fierce competition but took home some big winners nonetheless.

From The Signal, Julian Pineda placed third in the photo feature competition and Amber Kirlew placed third in the competition for design/layout. From Panther Report Network, Tyrik Wynn received second in the current events competition.

The night before, Georgia State student media took home 11 Best of the South 2018 awards.

“If nothing else, SEJC proved once again that The Signal is turning heads and making an impact. I’m incredibly proud of our team’s growth this year, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented and driven people,” Daniel Varitek, The Signal’s editor in chief, said.