SXSW 2019 - “Art for Hire: How Creatives Make Money in Music”

By Thomas Palmer

Another notable panel I attended during my Austin visit was entitled “Art for Hire: How Creatives Make Money in Music” hosted by Elliot Jacobson alongside Kate Sugg, Kallie Marie, and K. Marie Kim.

These industry professionals make one hundred percent of their income from music, so it was interesting to hear not only their perspective on community building and valuing your work as an artist but the general skills they feel are necessary for success.

After their formal introduction, they began discussing the importance of valuing yourself by choosing your work wisely, differentiating career moves from short-sighted actions, and by finally NOT being bashful. Be confident! Stand by your work and your price. In addition to valuing yourself, an artist (or anyone for that matter) must understand he/she is only as great as the team that they have around them. The tires cannot be the transmission, and the transmission can not be the engine. They all work in tandem to make the car move forward.

This car can stand as a metaphor applicable to WRAS, my band, or a random startup company in Silicon Valley. Jacobson’s panel reinforced the concept of music being a BUSINESS, and since I refuse to be a starving artist, I must learn the said business.