SXSW 2019 - “How To Get A Global Mindset In A Local Music Industry”

By Thomas Palmer

My second day at the South By South West Music Conference I attended a panel entitled “How To Get A Global Mindset In A Local Music Industry,” held by Jesper Skibsby.

Skibsby is the CEO of WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor), the first large-scale radio monitoring service focusing on individuals in the music industry. Although this was the shortest panel I attended at 20 minutes long, this was easily the most informative.

The primary objective of this panel was to get the audience to understand the importance of accurately monitoring statistics. Inaccurate data reports in combination with blatant manipulation by both the streaming platforms and record labels pollute the credibility of platforms like Nielsen and Billboard while creating a façade that emerging artist often are blinded by.

Fortunately, I am lucky enough to attend panels like this to know where to spot inflated numbers. Also, he briefly discussed attacking your emerging market. Meaning in whatever region(s) an artist sees a statistical spike in numbers, it is imperative they move beyond a digital presence and physically touch their fans. This panel was helpful and applicable to my career in music. I’m grateful for the insight.