CBI - Thursday

By Ayesha Abid

Conference time! 

Don't let the idea of winter fool you, the weather in Texas can still be as hot as a Georgia summer in the middle of November. 

After struggling to call an Uber for close to an hour in the heat, We made it to the conference hotel tired from an earl morning flight, but I was eager to attend the conference... after a midday nap of course. 

I had been to other conferences over my time at Georgia State University, but none truly focused on Radio, my journalistic medium of choice, like CBI. 

I picked up badges for my group and looked around the CBI registration hall. Squished into every inch of room were radio equipment vendors, university recruiters, and excited students. I had the opportunity to play booth bingo (visiting a booth in exchange for a square of my bingo card signed off). Submitting a completed card entered you in for an opportunity to win equipment. Unfortunately I was not a winner.

However, after that I went around and spent a few minutes at different sessions. All of which were great but my comfy hotel bed was calling me once again, and I left the conference hall after a few hours.